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My 3 Go To Beauty Tools

With so many beauty tools out there, it can be confusing to know which ones to use to meet the needs of your skin, how to use them and what they actually do. The truth is, they all pretty much do the same thing. The difference is technique and personal preference, and how much time you want to spend using them in your skincare ritual at home. Here's a little breakdown of my 3 favorites. I use these tools daily both in my treatment room and in my at home daily skincare routine.

1. Gua Sha Facial Massage Stone

One of my daily rituals. I love my Gua Sha stone.

An all-natural alternative to toxin-filled injections, the

gua sha facial tool releases muscle tension, smooth and lifts the skin and is a super relaxing ritual. A must-have in your beauty toolkit

2. The Facial Ice Roller

The de puffer & brighten the under eye area Calms inflammation & redness from breakouts, sunburns & shaving Aids in firming skin & providing a more youthful complexion Promotes healthy blood circulation & lymphatic drainage Helps to alleviate sore muscles, tension & headaches.

3. The Jade Gemstone Facial Roller

The Jade Gemstone Facial Roller improves circulation in the skin refining pores, reducing puffiness, and encouraging a youthful glow. The healing energy of the Jade gemstone itself is know for easing tension, ease stress and balance chi. All which lead to happy skin!

The Takeaway....all three of these beauty tools do the same thing. They aid in lymphatic drainage, release fascia beneath the facial tissue and reduce puffiness and inflammation.I personally love the gua sha ritual. I implement this ritual into my morning routine almost daily. If time doesn't allow for a mindful and intentional Gua Sha session, then I go to the Jade Gemstone roller. It's easy to use and I can use this tool on the go!

The Ice Roller is amazing when I feel a little extra puffy, or for when my skin is a little pink from an enzyme exfoliation. This is also a definite go to beauty tool for reducing inflammation in the skin especially when chilled.

When used with serums, these three tools improve product absorption delivering nutrients, increasing the benefits to your skin. Bottom line, you can't go wrong with any of these beauty tools, however, to get the most out of your tool, I highly recommend consulting with your esthetician on which serums would be most suitable for your skin type and proper technique for your preferred tool.

Cheers to happy, healthy skin!


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