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Our Story



Since 2007, I have worked along side a team of dedicated and experienced professionals to create not only an atmosphere of relaxation, but also one that inspires wellbeing. It is my vision that The Loft Salon and Spa goes far beyond business as usual. With the quality of talent, service, and products we offer, my team and I have never worked to follow standards. We work to set them.


Every service offered is designed with a philosophy rooted in sustainable and holistic practice. As a licensed and authorized retailer, our clients can be confident in the quality of our product both during their time here and at home. Inspired by the farm-to-spa movement, we provide reachable access to all the natural and luxurious products needed to live well.


Beyond the exceptional service and products, The Loft Salon and Spa has evolved into a warm and welcoming environment that spreads our culture of wellbeing and self-care by educating and empowering our clients, as well as our surrounding community. Now, as sole owner, I hope to be part of healing the many stresses of life and promote health and tranquility to all. 

- Sarah Packard, Owner of the Loft Salon & Spa

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