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You Asked, I Listened, You'll Love!

Truth: I don't love the clarisonic brush.

Why? Because it spreads bacteria and can also damage the protective barrier needed torpor healthy skin.

Many of you have been asking ( forever) can I make my pores look smaller, how can I slow the aging process, how do I remove all my makeup, how can I lessen breakouts?

Well, I searched high and low, and I have found the perfect at home tool!

The Lofts super hero home care tool includes the following:

1. LED Light Therapy: The beneficial wavelengths of Light Emitting Diode Therapy have been proven and shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fight bacteria that leads to acne, reduce redness and promote brightening and even skin tone.

2. Ion Care: Gently, yet effectively, positively-charged ions work to attract and pull impurities from the skin while negatively-charged ions enhance product penetration.

3. Ultrasonic Vibration: The power of 8000+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute the user is able to enjoy a soothing mini massage while breaking up dead skin cells, lifting, firming, and tightening the skin.

4> Theramal Heat Therapy: The combination of heat with deep cleansing ions aids in emulsifying dirt and oils so that it can easily be swept away. Thermal heat therapy has also been shown to help with skin tightening, promoting more oxygen to the cells by improving blood circulation and shrinking pore size.

How do you get your hands on one?

*Book your next facial and put in the notes section to reserve a MSB

(They have been selling fast).

*Schedule a complimentary product pickup appointment, and we will have it ready for you. *Shop The Loft through our website, and we'll ship it FREE right to your front door:)

XO - Be Well & Live Beautifully!

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