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Dry Brushing / The skin benefits and technique of this ayurvedic ritual

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

This ancient Ayurvedic ritual has many beauty benefits and is said to have many internal benefits as well! Either way, one thing is for sure, dry brushing is a means of inspired self care with a lengthy history.

Traditional Body Brushing is the technique of brushing your whole body with a body brush working from the feet up to the neck and towards the heart.

Some of the healthy skin and body benefits of Dry Brushing are:

Exfoliation - Exfoliating the skin by removing the layer of dead skin cells, relieving dry itchy skin and improving the appearance of your skin, particularly when followed by a moisturizing body cream or oil.

Improved Circulation - Dry brushing also encourages circulation and lymphatic drainage, therefore, aiding in detoxifying the body by removing waste. AKA " taking out the garbage"

Overall, improved circulation is better for your skin.

So, you may be wondering what kind of Dry Brush is best to use for this technique.

There a a couple of different brushes you can use and ultimately it will be your call. I personally prefer a round, soft bristle brush with no handle. However, there are brushes with handles on them making it easier to get to hard to reach areas such as the middle back. You will also find some bristles are a bit more abrasive then others. Again, ultimately it's what feels best to you. Keep in mind when your selecting your brush that the bristles can be either synthetic or boar bristle.

The Technique:

  • Start with naked skin, no oil is needed. This ritual is best performed before a shower or bath.

  • Use a light to medium pressure. Your skin may turn slightly red or pink, which is a normal reaction to dry brushing.

  • Begin with the tops of your feet.

  • Your strokes should be long and rhythmic

  • 3 strokes per section. overlapping sections

  • Continue brushing up the legs and behind the knees.

  • Move to the hands and up your arms with circular strokes over your armpits.

  • For breast health, sweep from the center of the breast outward in every direction.

  • From the neck, brush downward towards the heart.

  • Use large circular counter-clockwise strokes on your abdomen. This motion helps to stimulate digestion.

  • Sweep upwards from the lower back and down the neck.

  • You always want to follow the circulatory system and lymphatic pathways

After your shower or bath, finish with your favorite body oil or cream. Always moisturize with damp skin! Lastly, stick to it. As with anything, you'll achieve the best results from this ritual with consistency.

Ultimately, dry brushing allows you a mindful moment and inspired self care.


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