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Facial Gua Sha

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

We are introducing this age old technique to our skincare treatments and couldn't be more excited!

So what is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a part of TCM ( traditional chinese medicine) You may know this technique as being used in bodywork or massage, however Facial Gua Sha differs greatly from the body Gua Sha technique. Using specifically shaped flat, polished stone typically made from Jade, rose quartz, nephrite or fluorite, Gua Sha unlocks muscle tension in the face, reduces tmj, hydrates the later of connective tissue called facia,( responsible for giving your skin lift and support) and brings nutrient dense blood flow to the skin using a beautiful flow of gentle strokes along the back of the neck, up the neck and along the facial structure.

The three areas of focus with this technique is to clear any stagnation in the underlying tissue.

( lymphatic drainage) and then to release tension is the muscle tissue creating space and movement in the face. Next is the beautiful lifting technique. Lifting and sculpting the tissue using facial contouring movements with the specifically chosen stone.

Facial Gua Sha is used in our treatments for de puffing, reducing surface lines and creating a healthy, even and firmer skin tissue.

Bringing this technique to our Signature Facial will most definitely create an even more beautiful skincare experience for you. It is my goal to deliver to you the best facial you have ever had, but, you'll need to come and experience Facial Gua Sha for yourself. Hope to see you soon!

Click to purchase your own Gua Sha tool. Each purchase comes with an at home ritual tutorial you can access anytime!

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